Improving cycling facilities on the A629

27th June, 2018

We know that Calderdale’s beautiful countryside lends itself to cycling for sport or leisure, but we want to improve facilities to encourage people to cycle more as a mode of transport.

Cycling is a popular activity in Calderdale, with participation rates for the sport higher than the Yorkshire or national average. However, using cycling as a method of commuting or as a mode of travel for everyday activities is less popular.

As part of the work on the A629 improvement programme a combined pedestrian/cycle path will be created for those travelling towards Halifax on Salterhebble Hill, with a marked cycle lane progressing through to the Shaw Hill junction. Cycle plans for the next stage of the project, the Calder and Hebble junction, will also include a full width footway and cycle path.

Cycle safety has been an important aspect of design work for the project. The new lane will encourage less confident cyclists to use the separate space, with the improvements to the road design improving traffic flow and reducing emissions from standing traffic.

Improving the air quality of the area is a priority for the A629 work. The road is used by over 40,000 vehicles a day and the planned improvements will better manage these heavy traffic flows and accommodate for future growth. The reduction in congestion will help minimise harmful emissions and their impact on local air quality.Plans for the A629 projects have been carefully designed, not only to reduce congestion for motor vehicles, but also to improve the infrastructure for cyclists. This has also been a key element of work on the planned improvements within Halifax town centre, where there will be clearly defined cycle areas.

The investment facilitates the Council’s pledge to be the most active borough in the north of England by 2024 through the Active Calderdale campaign.

We want the future of cycling in Calderdale to be one of safety and accessibility, encouraging everyone to get on their bikes and get active.