Related project: A629 Halifax to Huddersfield

From late 2018 to early 2019 we ran a public and stakeholder consultation for the A629 Halifax to Huddersfield project. The consultation gave people the opportunity to learn about our project proposals and give them the opportunity to feedback. Our aim was to gather views to inform the future development of the project.

Overall, feedback for the project was positive, with the majority of respondents expecting that the proposals would achieve our strategic aims and would improve journeys for all modes. 

Respondents expected that the biggest improvement for travel experience would be for bus users, with 60% agreeing or strongly agreeing that the experience would improve. Over 50% of respondents expected that car and cycling journey would also improve as a result of the proposals. 

Some of the feedback received during the consultation had either already been addressed or have been addressed since. These included:

  • Huddersfield Road 3m mixed cycle/pedestrian usage.
  • Proposals amended to address the bus stop issue with Elland Riorges Link.
  • Improve the tunnel on the A629 and segregating cyclists.
  • Four express buses proposed.

The remaining feedback and suggestions received from stakeholders and public will be included as part of the consultant commission for the detailed design for the full business case submission, to ensure that user priorities are the focus of the proposals. The stakeholder engagement plan for the A629 Halifax to Huddersfield project will be updated based on the feedback received and the stakeholders engaged. This will include the plans for the next stage of user and stakeholder consultation.

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