Halifax Road

Key details

This Kirklees Council led project will see road widening and realigning, improved pedestrian facilities, and a new slip road to bypass the roundabout for vehicles travelling to the M62 and a dedicated northbound cycle lane.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (In Progress)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


The A629 Halifax Road project includes:

  • Widening the road along New North Road, Edgerton Road and Blacker Road to provide more traffic lanes approaching the junction.
  • Re-aligning the road at Birkby Road to remove the wide stagger.
  • Proposing to remove parking from both sides of Birchencliffe Hill Road to improve traffic flow and enable footways to be used safely.
  • Lengthening the approach lanes to the roundabout from yew tree road.
  • Constructing a new signal controlled left slip to bypass the roundabout for traffic travelling to the M62.
  • Dedicating a new northbound cycle lane from Yew Tree Road to roundabout.


  • Economic growth: The project will improve access to Huddersfield and Halifax from the M62, encouraging investment and enabling access to land for housing and employment developments in Calderdale and Kirklees.
  • Sustainability: Improvements will make bus journeys quicker and therefore more practical. This will encourage more people to use the service. Pedestrian and cycling facilities will also be improved.
  • Safety: Reduced potential for accidents between Huddersfield and Halifax and the M62.
  • Journey times: Reduced congestion along the route will lead to improved journey times.
  • Cleaner environment: The reduction in congestion means fewer vehicles will be continuously stopping and starting, meaning less vehicle emissions, creating a better environment for local businesses and residents.


Find out more about the project on the Kirklees Council website.


This project was made possible through funding from:

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership Northern Powerhouse