A629 Halifax Town Centre (Phase 2)

Key details

This project will provide improved accessibility to the town for all residents and visitors. It will generate a greater sense of place, a new high quality pedestrian environment, better vehicle circulation around the town, better public transport connectivity, deliver regeneration and help our inclusive growth aspirations.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (In Progress)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


The A629 Halifax Town Centre project includes:

  • Creating new bus-rail interchange opportunities. 
  • Integration with a new bus and rail station. 
  • Removing subways at Cow Green. 
  • Remodelling Bull Green roundabout junction.
  • Creating a bus box to improve bus accessibility, reliability and punctuality.
  • Pedestrianising Market Street.
  • Enhancing the public space throughout the core streets across the town centre.
  • Improving pedestrian and cycling facilities throughout town and at key junctions.
  • Creating town gateways at Wards End, Bull Green, Northgate and Square Chapel.
  • Creating a modified eastern route to allow through traffic to avoid the town centre.
  • Improving the western route to reduce congestion, help journey times and allow better pedestrian movement.
  • Improvements to 11 main junctions surrounding the town’s perimeter.
  • Widening Church Street.
  • Realigning Berry Lane.
  • Smart signalling throughout the town.

To deliver the proposed improvements for this project, we plan to introduce new Traffic Regulation and Side Road Orders. These will include changes to parking (disabled, car and motorcycle), to bus and taxi stops, the introduction of cycle and pedestrian zones and the rerouting of traffic throughout the town centre.

There are a significant number of changes that we plan to introduce so we have mapped these with detailed drawings. Click on each of the dropped pins for information about the proposed changes and for further detail, click on the drawings available above the description.  


  • Economic growth: The transformation of the town centre will help to create a more vibrant local economy, encouraging new investment and business growth through increased footfall and trade.
  • Improved landscape: Pedestrianisation and improved landscaping of public spaces will help to improve the aesthetic appeal of Halifax town centre.
  • Sustainability: The project prioritises pedestrian and cycle movement throughout the town centre. This includes new super crossings, convenient locations for bus stops, flexible bus routes and improved access to Halifax rail station. Cyclists will have clearly defined cycle areas with street furniture lines away from buildings and shop fronts.
  • Safety: All modes of transport will benefit from safer journeys, with a particularly positive impact on the night-time economy.
  • Journey times: For through traffic, journey times will improve due to reduced town centre traffic, particularly at peak times, and a more equal route choice to the east and west of the town.
  • Air quality: The air quality levels within Halifax town centre will improve in the medium term due to improvements in the circulation of traffic around the town’s perimeter and the absence of vehicles from the town centre shopping areas such as Market St. In parallel the introduction of a high quality pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, new bus routes and electric vehicle charging points will all contribute to a cleaner town.


Following Grade II listing status being granted to the former Hughes Corporation building on Square Road, the Eastern Gateway proposals to create a striking public space area between the railway station and the library/Piece Hall have been revised. The new plans now fully encompass the building and it’s felt that this has enhanced the overall aesthetics of the gateway approach with minimal impact to the original highway proposals. 

The revised designs were approved by Planning Committee in June 2020. A Full Business Case (FBC) was submitted to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in early July 2020 and a final project funding decision was approved in early November at West Yorkshire Combined Authority's Investment Committee. This now allows for the release of a construction tender to the market place during the winter period with a view to commencing works on site targeting spring 2022. This major work, whilst dependent upon bidders’ submitted duration programmes, is likely to reach a late 2024 completion date, which takes into account the need for business continuity to be maintained throughout the work.

Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) and Side Road Order (SRO) 2020

To see the A629 Phase 2 CPO and SRO 2020 Statement of Case and supporting documentation, please click here


Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) Supplement

On 27 October 2021 a supplement was made to the A629 Phase 2 CPO which ran from 17 December 2020 until 29 January 2021. The supplement is to include an additional plot of land off Church Street and another additional plot of land in front of the Broad Street Plaza. For further information please see the supporting document section on this page where the following documentation is held;

CPO supplement order - Phase 2 CPO supplement map 1 - Phase 2 CPO supplement map 2 - Phase 2 Supplement statement of reasons - Phase 2 CPO supplement newspaper and site notice  - Phase 2


This project was made possible through funding from:

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership Northern Powerhouse