Brighouse Town Investment Plan

Key details

The preparation of the Vision Masterplan has enabled the swift creation of a Brighouse Town Investment Plan (TIP) to answer the call for Town Deal funding bids. This has resulted in £19.1M being allocated to reshape and reinvigorate Brighouse town centre via public realm works, revitalization of the market and building skilled labour to drive the region’s innovative economy. The Brighouse Town Deal Board are now overseeing the development of the projects to utilize this funding, with works expected to start in the end of 2022.

Current status

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Brighouse Vision Masterplan


The Vision Masterplan for Brighouse town centre will provide a framework for its future regeneration.

The Vision Masterplan builds on what makes Brighouse so special including its unique diverse events, its compact town centre, its good accessibility and links to neighbouring towns and cities and its range of independent shops. The plan captures the strengths of Brighouse including the feeling of being safe, the feeling of belonging and its distinctive identify. The plan will also seek to address some key limitations of the existing town centre such as poor access to the river and canal watersides, a lack of public green space, problems with moving around, and other traffic and parking issues.

The objective is to create a place that offers a special experience of independent shops, events and facilities for both the community and visitors; a place that is welcoming and pleasant to spend time in; a place that is green and a place that is easy to get to by walking and cycling.

Funding has been assigned by the Government’s ‘Towns Deals Initiative' thanks to the prior work on the Brighouse Vision Masterplan and the TIP.

The key aims will be to:

  • Support the vitality of the independent retail offer of the town and access to these and wider leisure facilities. 
  • Reduce traffic dominance in the town centre and improve the provision and accessibility of more sustainable transport modes  
  • Improve public spaces to make them more welcoming and to give recreational opportunities and encourage people to stay longer.
  • Increase take up of residential living in the town centre
  • Celebrate the distinct heritage of Brighouse's waterside and its historic centre. 
  • Support greater ‘presence’ of civic institutions.
  • Significantly improve the green feel of the town centre.
  • Address the poor quality and lack of character in some parts of the town centre.


  • Entry points to the town centre: Remodeled streets and spaces at main entry points to form generous arrival and crossings for pedestrians and cyclists travelling between residential and employment neighbourhoods, and the town centre.
  • Commercial Street: Improved quality and feel of the street to make it more people friendly and to support the strong retail offer.
  • Brighouse Lanes: Enhanced public space, public art and better access from Market Street, Park Street, West Park Street, Park Row and Hall Street.
  • Brighouse Canalside: Generous public space created around the Canalside and Bethel Street. 
  • Links to stations and car parks: High quality finishes to pedestrian and cycle links to Brighouse bus and rail stations, and to car parks.
  • Arts, culture and interpretation: Provision of leisure and recreation offers that complement surrounding towns and cities. 


The Vision Masterplan was commissioned by Brighouse Town Board in autumn 2019 to provide a framework for the future regeneration of the town centre and to apply for funding from the Government to support this improvement. In November 2019, an announcement was made by the Government that Brighouse had been identified as being one of the successful towns that would be included as part of its brand new ‘Town Deals’ funding initiative. The aims of the ‘Town Deals’ are to unleash the full economic potential of over 100 places to level up communities throughout the country, and to drive the sustainable regeneration of towns for long term economic and productive growth.

The Vision Masterplan has been shaped following in-depth engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders with valuable local knowledge. The findings from that engagement process helped develop the first draft of the plan. A further public consultation exercise was undertaken in June/early July 2020 and the feedback will be carefully studied and help to refine and shape the Vision Masterplan. This will then be used to prepare a detailed funding bid to the Government’s ‘Town Deal’ initiative which will be submitted in autumn 2020. 

Brighouse Accelerator Scheme 

In 2020, Brighouse Town Deal Board received a £750,000 boost from the Government’s initial accelerated funding for all areas working towards a Town Deal. This additional funding was used to introduce new pedestrian areas with benches, plants, and trees in Brighouse town centre. These new ‘parklet’ areas have transformed parts of Brighouse into community spaces for people to stop, rest and enjoy whilst shopping

The aim of this early introduction of pedestrian and green space in the town centre is to increase footfall, create a greener and healthier environment and promote activity. These high-quality public realm elements will help to kickstart the reinvigoration of Brighouse town centre, increasing dwell times and drawing more people towards the town’s unique retail offer.



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