Elland Southgate proposal visual

Key details

Bid for funding from the Government’s 'Future High Streets Fund' to support plans to improve Elland town centre and make the town centre fit for the future

Current status

Concept (In Progress)
Development (Pending)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


The Vision for Elland high street:

Elland has some of the most unique heritage assets within the Yorkshire region. However, the changes in how people use their high street have reduced footfall in some parts of the town and the wealth of heritage buildings not fully used is very concerning. Our plan aims to bring those spaces back into use by encouraging more diverse use and enabling viable opportunities for new businesses and homes, generating new footfall and occupation.

Funding is being sought to develop connectivity through the town linking venues and assets in a fun way including creating new event spaces and improved public realm, working with the cultural heritage of the place for developing new talent for the future economy, and widening the opportunities to have more people living in the centre.

To ensure that the role investment plays in its next stage of evolution will emancipate the future potential of Elland, our vision for Elland High Street is as follows:

  • Iconography of the high street:  Interventions that enhance access to the range of good quality independent traders and strengthen this with new entrepreneurial, retail, culture, leisure and social opportunities.
  • Living streets: By pedestrianising the core Southgate area and making improvements to the public realm, we can improve navigation into the high street, increase feelings of public safety and provide places to linger and with things to see and do in the heart of the town.  
  • Distillation of place:  By developing places that respond to their commercial context we will help re-purpose vacant units, making them fit for purpose and attractive for new homes and businesses.
  • Harmonious connectivity:  Through reconfiguring road layouts, reducing the width of carriageways and introducing new and widened pavements,  access into the high street as a destination will be enhanced.


  • Investment in physical infrastructure. 
  • Acquisition and assembly of land including to support new housing, work spaces and public realm. 
  • Improvements to transport access, traffic flow and circulation in the area. 
  • Supporting change of use including (where appropriate) housing delivery.
  • Supporting adaptation of the high street in response to changing technology.


Submission of an 'expression of interest' was made in March 2019 and we were notified that we were successful in getting short-listed.

We undertook a consultation exercise in mid May 2020 and the feedback from this will be used to inform a full business case which will be submitted before the deadline in July 2020.