Visual of Halifax Bus Station

Key details

Jointly delivered with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, the project will deliver a new bus station in Halifax town centre, which will significantly improve safety, comfort, connectivity and accessibility for bus station users and local people.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (In Progress)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


The project aims to deliver a modern, fit for purpose facility that complements the surrounding heritage, public realm and urban fabric of Halifax town centre. The project includes:

  • Building a transformational new station building providing better quality facilities for passengers.
  • The facility will provide and improved customer access point and information, better quality cycle parking, a single passenger concourse, real-time bus and rail information, and larger retail opportunities.
  • This project will contribute to the Leeds City Region’s objective to be carbon neutral by 2038 by; reducing energy use and waste by using environmentally friendly materials, generating renewable energy with solar panels, and introducing ducting for electric buses and cycles.
  • Project proposals include a fully enclosed passenger concourse, with CCTV coverage. Bus and pedestrian movements will be segregated by automatic doors to bus stands and main entrances and fences to encourage the use of safe walking routes.
  • The new bus station will include two additional bus stands and three additional bus layover bays.
  • Improved walking routes to key destinations across the town centre, such as Trinity Sixth Form Centre, Dean Clough, Woolshops and Piece Hall.
  • A new single fully enclosed passenger concourse, with easy interchange between bus services, a safe and secure waiting environment, and level walking routes for all users.
  • Increased retail and commercial provision to help to improve the passenger experience.
  • Provision of improved real-time information, including rail services, to better integrate these modes of travel.



Economic growth: The redevelopment of Halifax Bus Station will contribute to the growth of the local economy by connecting people to jobs and training and improving transport connectivity.

Sustainability: Introducing an ‘electric bus station’ that will allow the introduction of electric buses; the proposals will enable more people to travel sustainably, supporting targets for increased bus use in the Leeds City Region.

Safety and security: Separation of bus and passenger movements to will improve safety.

Accessibility: The project will provide a central level concourse, level bus boarding throughout and an additional step-free entrance.

Interchange: An improved bus station with more retail opportunities and improved travel information. Better town centre connectivity through improved walking routes.



The Outline Business Case for the project was approved by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in October 2019.

Following a period of public engagement (mid January – Mid February 2020), feedback is now being collated and used to inform the planning application. Submission of a Full Planning Application will take place in spring 2020.

Funding is being sought to develop and deliver the Halifax bus station project as part of the West Yorkshire Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), which is a competitive bid to the Department for Transport (DfT). A funding decision is expected from the DfT in March 2020. Prior to this date we cannot confirm that this project will be delivered.