Mixenden Hub and car park

Key details

The newly developed Mixenden Hub will be a vibrant, modern building with excellent health, learning and retail facilities

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (In Progress)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


The Mixenden Community Hub forms part of the Calderdale Council’s plans to regenerate areas within the region. The new build facility will provide local residents with a new library, GP Practice, pharmacy and community retail shops. This is an increasingly common blueprint for local councils, optimising the use of the Council’s existing estate whilst creating a much needed amenities for residents. This is an exciting new facility and focal point for the community.



  • Community: Much needed facilities whilst creating a central hub for the community
  • New facilities: Brand new GP surgery, pharmacy and Library
  • Under one roof: The Pharmacy and Surgery will have a direct internal link allowing easy and safe access for all users
  • Integrated library: The new library will be located next to the pharmacy providing state of art resources in a modern environment
  • Retail opportunities:The development will create a number of lettable retail spaces which have the potential to be developed into either convenience store or new local businesses
  • Outdoor space: A community garden will be created for residents and local groups to use



Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 we were planning to start construction in summer 2020, however this unfortunately had to be delayed because of the pandemic. Work is now progressing in the background, and the next stage will see the project team finalising the detailed design whilst continuing to work closely with the surgery, pharmacy and library representatives. We hope to be in a position to give a clearer update on time scales before the end of October.


This project was made possible through funding from:

    Calderdale Council
Mixenden Hub from outside
Mixenden Hub from outside
Mixenden Hub - Library