Keighley Road and Dean Clough

Key details

To improve transport and connectivity in north Halifax by providing more sustainable transport options including walking and cycling

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (In Progress)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


The North Halifax Improved Streets for People scheme will implement a series of cycle and footway measures to improve access to Halifax town centre and reverse reliance on the private car. These include shared footways and cycling facilities to boost connectivity by active travel. Improved footways, crossings and reduced traffic measures will also aim to promote more local journeys on foot. This will be complemented by a range of junction modifications to prioritise cyclists and pedestrians. The project aims to significantly increase journeys made by public transport, walking and cycling by 2027 – and to reduce car journeys by 3.5% in the same period.

Calderdale Council has also secured funding from West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund’s Corridor Improvement Programme Phase 2 (CIP) to improve transport and connectivity from Halifax town centre through to North Halifax (A629 Orange Street Roundabout to Ogden ).


  • Sustainability: More facilities for walking and cycling which may enable more people to get out and about.
  • Network Connectivity: Walking and cycling networks to be better connected encouraging more active and sustainable ways of travelling
  • Air Quality: Contribution to carbon reduction and air quality improvements.
  • Better Links: An improved walking and cycling link between the town centre, Dean Clough Mills and North Halifax. 
  • Employment: An improved walking and cycling route to the north can provide better access to employment opportunities in Dean Clough Mills and Halifax town centre.


The Strategic Outline Business Case (SOC) was approved in Summer 2020 and the North Halifax Active Travel package will now progress to develop an Outline Business Case (OBC). At this stage we will continue to define the scope of the project to identify the locations and type of improvements required in order to achieve the benefits. A public consultation took place in March and April 2021 and the results are being used to help inform the plans going forward.


This project was made possible through funding from:

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority Industrial Strategy Transforming Cities Fund