A629 Calder and Hebble Junction (Phase 1b)

Key details

We’re improving the flow of traffic and making it easier to walk, cycle or take public transport on the A629 south of Halifax. Work includes highway widening, a new link road between the A629 and Stainland Road, a new bridge, new roundabout and new traffic signals at the junction with Jubilee Road.

Construction started late 2021.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (Completed)
Construction (In Progress)
Evaluation (Pending)


Construction started in 2021 and includes:

  • A new bridge and link road between the A629 and Stainland Road, spanning the Calder and Hebble Navigation.
Birds eye view of the bridge and junction layout
  • Widening of the A629 to two continuous lanes in each direction from Elland Wood Bottom to the completed work at Salterhebble Hill.
  • Introduction of traffic signal control at the junction of the A629 and Jubilee Road.
  • Conversion of  the existing mini roundabout on Stainland Road to traffic signal control.
  • A new landscaped area and surface water storage ponds next to Stainland Road
  • New access points to the canal towpath.


Economy and employment

We want to improve access to Copley, Sowerby Bridge and Halifax, making sites on the route more attractive for business investment. The improvement in transport accessibility and better journey times will attract more people to the area.

Journey times

Once the project is complete, we will reduce vehicle journey times from Huddersfield to Halifax by up to 30%. Travel choices will be improved with the addition of options for quicker, more reliable bus journeys.

Tackling ‘rat running’

The new and more efficient layout along the A629 will reduce ‘rat running’ through communities such as Elland, West Vale, Siddal, Exley, Copley and Skircoat.


People taking the bus will benefit from quicker and more reliable and local bus journeys. Active travel infrastructure will improve the experience of cycle and walking through the area.


21 November 2023

Updates from the site

Here are some images captured in September and November 2023:

New canal bridge connecting the A629 to the new roundabout on Stainland Road.

New canal bridge in the foreground with A629 on the right hand side.

The new balancing pond will help to manage drainage throughout the new layout and create a new habitat for nature.

Balancing pond centre with construction machinery at work.

New walking and cycling route connecting to the canal on the right of the image. Work on the new roundabout is close to completion. The new bus priority layout will run along Stainland Road at the rear of the image.

Roundabout in the centre nearing completion with walking and cycling route connecting to the canal.

Work in progress on the A629 in September 2023. The new road layout with added filter lanes for turning in and out of businesses. These new lanes will reduce queueing and allow traffic to keep flowing.

New filter lanes are picture in the centre of the image with space for vehicles to pass either side.


9 November 2023

We have updated the A629 phase 1b frequently asked questions (FAQ).

24 July 2023

New home for nature on the A629. A major planting scheme will soon get underway in Halifax as part of the A629 Calder and Hebble phase 1b project. Over 100 semi-mature trees will be planted on site and an additional 250 trees will be planted nearby, together with a new wildflower meadow.

We have updated the A629 phase 1b frequently asked questions (FAQ).

12 July 2023

We have updated the A629 phase 1b frequently asked questions (FAQ).

10 July 2023

The full phase 1b project is due to be completed by summer 2024. Some elements will be open earlier, such as the new link bridge which is due to open to traffic in autumn this year. Most of the road network is expected to be open by early 2024.

5 July 2023

We've produced a couple of helpful videos showing how people will be able to travel through the area once the work is complete. These videos are indicative of the final layout and design of the scheme. 

Flythrough - Elland Wood Bottom towards Copley and Sowerby Bridge

Watch this animated flythrough of the A629 phase 1b project. The video runs along the route from Elland Wood Bottom and through the area where work is underway, towards Copley and Sowerby Bridge. Look out for new shared footways, cycleways and routes for buses, as well as the new roundabout and bridge over the canal.

Flythrough - Salterhebble Hill towards West Vale and Stainland

Our second animated flythrough runs through the area on the route out of Halifax, heading south towards West Vale and Stainland. The video shows new shared footways and cycleways, junction layouts, and access to the canal towpath.

3 July 2023

How we installed a new bridge

In January, we used two huge cranes to lift beams into place for a new bridge spanning the Calder and Hebble Navigation.

29 June 2023

Updates from the site

The new roundabout is taking shape. Lighting has been installed and road surfacing is underway. We have started work on excavation of the balancing pond (towards the right in the image below).

Birds eye view of the new roundabout junction under construction as part of the phase 1b project. The junction is in a half built state with construction vehicles clearly visible in the area alongside Stainland Road.


Work continues on the new bridge too. The new bridge and roundabout will be open to traffic in September 2023.

Top down view of the new bridge at Salterhebble showing work in progress on the structure.


While at the northern extent of the construction area, work is going ahead on the pavement, ducting and drainage. Access to Bankhouse Lane is visible on the right of this image below.

View looking over the northern extent of the site showing vehicles travelling through the area while work is in progress.


14 June 2023

These photos from our contractors Sisk were taken in May 2023 and show how work on the project is progressing on site.

View of the new bridge next to the A629

Construction of the new roundabout that will connect the A629 to the A6026 is visible along with the new bridge.

Image shows partly constructed bridge in the foreground and the A629 just to the right.


View of new roundabout on the A6026

The new bridge and A629 feature in the background.

Image shows construction work and emerging outline of key features like the new roundabout and balancing pond.


Piling rig

The piling rig is being used to prepare for widening the carriageway over the Salterhebble River Bridge on the A629 near the junction with Jubilee Road.

Image shows piling rig in the foreground working just off the active highway.


31 January 2023

Huge bridge beams lifted into place as part of major improvement works. Two huge cranes, one weighing over 1000 tonnes, have been used to lift beams into place as part of a new bridge spanning the Calder and Hebble navigation, around Salterhebble, near Halifax.

Beams being installed as part of the construction of the new bridge

Our contractor Sisk have completed the following:


  • Stone retaining wall structural elements 
  • 33kv electric cable diversion 

New Canal bridge

  • Foundations and abutments completed
  • Installed bridge beams

Huddersfield Road

  • Demolition of Punchbowl pub 
  • Construction of reclaimed stone faced retaining walls 

Watermill Pub and Bankhouse Lane

  • Demolition work 
  • New boundary wall to Watermill car park 

Jubilee Road

  • New retaining wall
  • Resident parking now in use

We have diverted and upgraded several underground utilities (BT, Virgin Media, gas, electric) during the construction work.

We have updated the A629 phase 1b frequently asked questions (FAQ).

4 November 2022

Calderdale Council faces severe financial pressures which will have an impact on delivery of proposed development projects across the borough: Impact of national financial crisis on Calderdale projects.

March 2022

The former Punchbowl pub was demolished as part of the ongoing work to widen the carriageway. See our short clip of the demolition in progress

January 2022

Work was undertaken to install the pilings ready to allow the bridge construction to start later in the year. Work is ongoing to create space alongside the A629 to allow the carriageway to be widened.

November 2021

John Sisk & Son begin main construction on and along the A629 in Salterhebble

Early 2021

Initial site clearance undertaken was completed by April, including clearing vegetation along Stainland Road and Huddersfield Road. Key consideration was given to conservation throughout this process. Site clearance allowed access for further technical surveys and inspections which have fed back into the design process 


Tendering process undertaken which lead to the appointment of John Sisk & Son as contractors on the scheme. They will be supported by WSP to deliver the final designs

May 2019

Planning permission was granted

Autumn 2018

Public engagement took place in early autumn which informed the proposals that will be submitted for planning permission in late 2018  


This project was made possible through funding from:

  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority
  • Tracy Brabin Mayor of West Yorkshire
  • Northern Powerhouse