A629 phase 2 Halifax town centre

Key details

We’re delivering regeneration in Halifax. We’re creating new public spaces, improving accessibility, creating areas where people can move around free of traffic, improving vehicle circulation around the town and public transport connectivity, and supporting our aspirations for inclusive growth.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (In Progress)
Construction (Pending)
Evaluation (Pending)


We’re planning change for Halifax on a grand scale.


We will work over three areas of Halifax that we’ll refer to as west, central and east. We're proposing to:

  • pedestrianise Market Street and a short length of Northgate,
  • create a public space outside Square Chapel and Halifax Central Library,
  • move the main traffic route east of the former Hughes Corporation building towards Bank Bottom,
  • add blue badge parking spaces on Princess Street, 
  • introduce new bus stops at Southgate, Ward's End, Union Street, Church Street, Alfred Street East and Horton Street,
  • prioritise bus access at Winding Road, 
  • move taxi provision from the middle of Market Street further south, and adding taxi provision on Albion Street,
  • remove parking on Horton Street to allow for freer flowing bus movements,
  • realign the road at Lower Kirkgate and Bank Bottom,
  • add cycle facilities at major junctions and throughout the town
Overview of proposals for Halifax included in the A629 phase 2 project.
Overview of proposals for Halifax included in the A629 phase 2 project. [View full size]


We are remodelling routes around the town and creating welcoming gateways for people as they enter and leave the town centre at Bull Green and Ward’s End. We’ll change the layouts of roads and junctions to make walking, cycling and public transport routes easier for people to access. Legacy structures will be removed, replaced by new ways to get around.


We’re going to turn Market Street into an area for people, pedestrianising the area from the edge of Halifax Borough Market at Albion Street to Old Market, creating new places for people to meet, and opportunities for business to grow in the heart of the town centre.

Visualisation of proposals pedestrianisation of Market Street


On the eastern side of the town, we will be connecting Halifax Rail Station to the centre through a new town gateway at Square Chapel, and rerouting traffic away from the town centre.

Visualisations of proposals for the eastern gateway to Halifax
Visualisation of proposals for eastern gateway to Halifax
Plan view of proposals for the eastern gateway to Halifax with changes to layout

Across the whole town we will be enhancing how streets look, installing smart signals that work together to improve traffic flow across the area. We’ll be moving bus routes to the edge of the centre, further removing traffic from the town centre.


Economic growth

We’re making opportunities for Halifax’s vibrant local economy to grow. These changes will encourage new investment, greater footfall and more trade.


We’re creating public spaces for people, landscaping public spaces, and improving the aesthetic appeal of Halifax town centre.


We’re designing routes that prioritise space for people who choose to walk, wheel or cycle around the town centre. There will be new crossings and changes to crossings so that they cater for people walking and cycling, more convenient bus stops and routes, and easier access to Halifax Rail Station and Halifax Bus Station. 


We’re building features into our designs to make journeys safer for all, like wider crossing facilities for people walking and cycling and removing the subway at Cow Green. We’re changing road layouts with safety in mind and creating new pedestrianised areas so people can travel around town without having to cross busy roads. 

Journey times 

We’re reducing the amount of traffic that comes through the town centre, particularly at peak times, and a more equal route choice to the east and west of the town.

Air quality

We’re making changes to improve air quality in Halifax. The new layout will improve the circulation of traffic around the town’s perimeter and remove vehicles from the town centre. We’re also introducing high quality pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, new bus routes and electric vehicle charging points so that everyone can make choices that contribute to a cleaner town.  


13 November 2023

Back in February and March 2023 the public were invited to examine proposals for changes to traffic regulations as part of the A629 phase 2 Halifax town centre project.

The traffic regulation order included changes to bus stops and taxi ranks, new cycle features and pedestrian zones,and changes to parking and rerouting of traffic.

The consultation was open from Monday 6 February to midnight on Sunday 5 March 2023.

Results of the consultation are now available to view: Halifax Town Centre Traffic Regulation Order Consultation Results.

Read: Feedback used to shape plans for improved travel in Halifax.

27 July 2023

Overview of proposals for Halifax included in the A629 phase 2 project updated.

6 February 2023

We want to introduce a new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) so we can:

  • create new public spaces,
  • develop a sense of place that links with the historic core of Halifax,
  • improve accessibility,
  • create areas where people can move around free of traffic,
  • improve vehicle circulation around the town,
  • improve public transport connectivity,
  • and support aspirations for inclusive growth in Halifax.

The order includes changes to bus stops and taxi ranks, new cycle and pedestrian zones, changes to parking, and rerouting of traffic.

We're listening

We welcome your views on our proposals. You can use Calderdale TraffWeb to comment, agree, object, or plot an issue on the map. Alternatively, you can send feedback to: a629phase2tro@calderdale.gov.uk.

Please contact us if you would like printed copies or materials in different formats.

This consultation will close on Sunday 5 March 2023. We will review all feedback and use what we learn to develop the designs. These designs will be subject to further formal consultation.


Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) Supplement

On 27 October 2021 a supplement was made to the A629 Phase 2 CPO which ran from 17 December 2020 until 29 January 2021. The supplement is to include an additional plot of land off Church Street and another additional plot of land in front of the Broad Street Plaza. For further information please see the supporting document section on this page where the following documentation is held;

CPO supplement order - Phase 2 CPO supplement map 1 - Phase 2 CPO supplement map 2 - Phase 2 Supplement statement of reasons - Phase 2 CPO supplement newspaper and site notice  - Phase 2


Following Grade II listing status being granted to the former Hughes Corporation building on Square Road, the Eastern Gateway proposals to create a striking public space area between the railway station and the library/Piece Hall have been revised. The new plans now fully encompass the building and it’s felt that this has enhanced the overall aesthetics of the gateway approach with minimal impact to the original highway proposals. 

The revised designs were approved by Planning Committee in June 2020. A Full Business Case (FBC) was submitted to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in early July 2020 and a final project funding decision was approved in early November at West Yorkshire Combined Authority's Investment Committee. This now allows for the release of a construction tender to the market place. This is likely to happen in Spring 2022 with a view to commencing works on site late 2022/early 2023. This major work, whilst dependent upon bidders’ submitted duration programmes, is likely to reach a summer 2026 completion date, which takes into account the need for business continuity to be maintained throughout the work.

Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) and Side Road Order (SRO) 2020

To see the A629 Phase 2 CPO and SRO 2020 Statement of Case and supporting documentation, please click here



This project was made possible through funding from:

  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority
  • Tracy Brabin Mayor of West Yorkshire
  • Northern Powerhouse