Halifax Borough Market - Halifax Future High Streets

Key details

The Government’s Future High Streets Fund aims to renew and reshape town centres in a way that drives growth, improves experience, and ensures future sustainability. As part of this funding, we are updating the stunning Victorian market. We are creating a warmer and more welcoming place for people to shop, eat, drink and spend time.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (Completed)
Construction (In Progress)
Evaluation (Pending)


We are making improvements to both outside and inside the market, these plans include changes to:


We're refurbishing the main roof to make the market warmer, watertight and allow more natural light into the building. As part of this work we are redecorating the ceiling and wrought iron fixtures in tones of blue, green, gold and cream. 

Part of the newly refurbished roof, including the freshly painted Victorian iron works.


We’re installing new automatic doors and overdoor heaters at each of the market’s entrances. These changes make the market more accessible and secure.


We’re fitting new signs at each market entrance to promote the traders and events on offer at Halifax Borough Market. We’re also replacing the old halogen lights with new energy efficient LED lighting.

Albany Arcade

We’re improving Albany Arcade for use as an events space during and outside of normal market trading hours. We’re enhancing the pop-up stalls in this section and replacing the public toilets with new unisex toilet facilities.

Albion Street

We're removing the existing canopies and refreshing the shopfronts which includes new signs and retractable awnings. We're also adding a steel and glass canopy above the entrance to improve the market's presence along this side. 

Design drawing for the planned changes to the market along Albion Street including the new glass canopy above the entrance.


We’re introducing a sample stall for traders to test and provide feedback. The final design will allow traders to choose from a selection of storage and display elements and will be rolled out to vacant stalls.

Central Clock

We’re relocating one of the stall holders to open up the central area and showcase the wonderful clock. We’re also adding seating into this area with display boards showcasing the market’s unique history.


We’re installing wifi internet for customers and traders to use.


Economic Growth

We’re creating opportunities for Halifax high street to grow and thrive. These changes support current and future market traders and will increase the number of visitors.


We’re preserving this Victorian market to ensure that it can be used and enjoyed for many more years to come.

A small section of the repainted Victorian iron works in the new colour scheme of blue, gold and white.


We’re creating a place where people can continue to support their local community through shopping at their local market.


We’re making changes to create a warmer, more energy efficient building.


August 2023

Work to transform the historic Halifax Borough Market continues.

Planning permission and listed building consent has been received for the Albion Street improvements.

Listed building consent applications have been submitted as part of plans to upgrade the historic doors at the market arcade entrance and improvements to the area around the clock tower.

Roof renovations are progressing well. The dome section above the central clock is now complete and includes clear glass panels and newly decorated steel structures. 

The newly glazed domed roof.

June 2023

Wifi installation is complete. Traders and visitors to the market now have access to free, high speed internet. 

May 2023

Planning application submitted for the changes along Albion Street and the work around the central clock. 

March 2023

Tenders for the public and trader toilet refurbishments have been returned and evaluated. The contract has been awarded to IAG Developments Ltd.

August 2022

Re-roofing starts at Halifax Borough Market this month. The milestone marks the start of the first major project funded by the Future High Street Fund in Halifax.

The contract for the work has been awarded to local company IAG Developments Ltd. The Queensbury based contractor is familiar with the market. They completed similar roofing works in the Albany Arcade section of the market, and the re-roofing and external works to the Market Street elevation.

The £2.3m contract will take around 18 months to complete. The work starts 22 August 2022 and will be undertaken in 5 phases to minimise disruption.

We’ve ensured that erection of scaffolding at the market is planned to take place outside of normal trading hours to minimise disruption. Surplus fittings will be removed prior to the start of trading each morning and lighting will be provided to make up for the light blocked out by scaffolding.

The works will address a number of issues highlighted by tenants.



Approximate scheme value: £4.40M.