Mixenden Community Hub

Key details

A vibrant new community facility for Mixenden.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (Completed)
Construction (In Progress)
Evaluation (Pending)


Mixenden Community Hub will provide a range of facilities all on one site, including:

  • a Primary Care Network Hub for north Halifax to deliver community healthcare services (in addition to the existing nearby GP surgery, and supported by the Calderdale Cares Partnership);
  • a shop or office space for rent;
  • a community garden;
  • a library with easy-to-access facilities, advice, and IT equipment in a modern and welcoming environment.

It will be a focal point for the local community, improving access to services and opportunities.

The building will perform to a high environmental standard. Features such as the community garden and systems to collect and slowly release rainwater will help to prevent flooding and support local wildlife.

This project is part of a wider investment plan for north Halifax. It also supports the Council's priority for creating thriving towns and places across Calderdale.



We’re developing a space where people can look after their health, learn, relax, and socialise.

New facilities

We’re creating a brand-new location for: a Primary Care Network Hub delivering community health care services, a shop or office space for rent, library, and community garden.


We’re providing a place for learning with easy-to-access facilities, advice and IT equipment.

Outdoor space

We’re building a community garden for residents and local groups to use and enjoy.


9 November 2023

We've reached roughly the halfway stage of construction. The foundations of the new community hub and the external walls and roof are all complete.

During the next stage, we will install windows and doors, clad the external walls, and build the internal walls.

View of the construction site at the Mixenden Community Hub showing the new building.

Close up showing the completed walls of the new Mixenden Community Hub which is halfway through construction.

15 May 2023

Construction underway at Mixenden Community Hub. Work has started on construction of the new Mixenden Community Hub, in a major step towards a thriving future for north Halifax.

17 April 2023

This week our construction contractor begins work on the Mixenden Community Hub. They will secure and put fencing up around the site. Next week, from 24 April 2023 they will set up contractor welfare facilities and begin the construction phase.

February 2023

Following the successful tender process, Code Building Solutions have been appointed to carry out the delivery and construction phase. Work is due to start in early spring 2023. 

June 2022

Whilst it was hoped that construction would have been underway at this stage, the project is unfortunately a little behind schedule. The project is still in the construction tender and negotiation stage which has been significantly delayed due to the global issues surrounding the construction market.  The scheme is being finalised with the contractors and it is hoped that work will be able to start in the coming months, but unfortunately a definitive start date for the work can't be given at this stage. Once a definitive date has been determined, an update will be provided.

October 2021

The planning application (reference: 21/01058/FUL) has been submitted and is available to view on the Planning public access system.
Detailed surveys have been undertaken on the existing library and the site is being cleared of waste and overgrown vegetation in preparation for the  construction stage.

The tender package has been issued to the marketplace for contractors to provide estimates to build the Mixenden Community Hub. Subject to tender returns for the proposed new development in the heart of Mixenden, the estimated completion date for the Hub is September 2022. 

February 2021

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 we were planning to start construction in summer 2020, however this unfortunately had to be delayed because of the pandemic. Work is now progressing in the background, and the next stage will see the project team finalising the detailed design whilst continuing to work closely with the surgery, pharmacy and library representatives. We hope to be in a position to give a clearer update on time scales before the end of October.


This project was made possible through funding from:

  • Calderdale Council