Victoria Theatre - Halifax Future High Streets

Key details

The Government’s Future High Streets Fund aims to renew and reshape town centres in a way that drives growth, improves experience, and ensures future sustainability.

As part of this funding, we are enhancing the iconic Grade II listed Victoria Theatre so that more people can enjoy all that this venue has to offer. We’ll be improving accessibility, making it easier to get into the theatre, and creating a new food and beverage offer. This will encourage greater daytime use, opening the theatre to different customers who may not have visited before.

Current status

Concept (Completed)
Development (Completed)
Construction (In Progress)
Evaluation (Pending)


We are making several improvements to enhance the experience of visitors to Victoria Theatre, these plans include:

A new box office

We’re relocating the box office to Commercial Street. The new box office will have its own independent opening hours where people can call or visit in person for tickets and booking information.

Improved access

We’re installing a lift in the new box office (on Commercial Street) to take visitors with accessibility requirements up to the Green Room Bar. This is a key milestone in the theatre's history that will make it easier for people to access and use this area. We're also fitting a platform lift to take visitors the from the theatre foyer to the auditorium. 

Bar and café

We’re upgrading the foyer (where the current box office is) with a brand-new bar and café area. This will:

  • Create opportunities to hold small and intimate performances.
  • Provide a new food and drink offer.
  • Enhance the experience of visitors to Victoria Theatre.

Accessible toilets

We’re installing two accessible toilets; one in the new bar and café area and one at the Circle Level.


Economic Growth

We’re creating opportunities for Halifax high street to grow and thrive. These changes will enhance Halifax town centre and aim to increase the number of visitors.

Visitor Economy

These changes will boost Victoria Theatre’s daytime offer and provide theatregoers with the opportunity for pre-show dining.  


We’re making the theatre more accessible, making it easier for more people to visit and enjoy all that Victoria Theatre has to offer.


We’re creating a place where people can come together to enjoy food and drink in a wonderful setting.


We’re making changes that will encourage more diverse audiences and performances to this iconic venue.  


December 2023

Morris and Spottiswood have been appointed to carry out the work to enhance Victoria Theatre. Work on site has now started and will initially focus on creating the new box office (formerly the Ivor Burns shoe shop) on Commercial Street.

Victoria Theatre will be open as normal throughout the renovations.

June 2023

Following planning approval, the tender process has begun to appoint a contractor


Approximate scheme value: £1.80M.