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Exciting developments are coming to Halifax and we want to let you know all about it!

Over the next few years, Halifax is set to benefit from investment from the Government, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Calderdale Council, to transform the town for future generations and support our economic recovery from COVID-19. The impressive plans will improve the look and feel of the town centre, with new facilities and modern infrastructure making it easier to travel in and around the town and better link with the wider area.

We’re proud that we have been able to secure unprecedented levels of funding to make our town an even better place for everyone. Join us on this exciting journey and find out more about how the Halifax you think you know is changing for the better!

Councillor Jane Scullion,

Calderdale Council's Leader

Investing in Halifax

Millions of pounds of investment are coming to Halifax and we're putting it to work already.

Find out about everything that's happening in Halifax.

Building a sustainable future

We're addressing the climate emergency, building new infrastructure for public transport, walking and cycling so that we can all travel in more sustainable ways.

Our aim is to be a net zero carbon economy by 2038. To do this we need to:

Reduce car trips by 21%

Increase cycling trips by 2000%

Increase walking trips by 78%

Increase bus journeys by 39%

Increase rail trips by 53%

Reference: West Yorkshire Carbon Emission Reduction Pathways 2021

Places designed for people

We're building a place designed for people, somewhere you can stroll, shop and relax. We consult on all our proposals and we are listening. We want you to have your say.

Getting around

We are designing in greener, faster, and easier ways to get around. Starting with a new bus station, plans include new and improved routes for cycling and walking.

Iconic landmarks

We are proud of our historic landmarks in Halifax. We're complementing our landmark architecture with new gateways and buildings you can be proud of. We're breathing new life into the Victoria Theatre, Halifax Borough Market and our heritage alleyways.

Talented and enterprising

We have a long term focus on regeneration, protecting our historic and cultural assets and encouraging growth, and attracting business and investment to Calderdale.

The Next Chapter

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